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Todays date: 20231004


SummingUP iOS app has first appeared on App Store 5 years ago. iOS and Apple devices changed a lot since then. To celebrate 5y anniversary new version of SummingUp is now available on AppStore. It supports dark mode, play nicely on all screen sizes (even on iPad) and looks gorgeous!
And thats not all - I'd Also Like to Add... is now also available withn SummingUP iOS app!
And what's even better - this all is free update for those who purchased the original app!

Also as you may or may have not noticed a bonus effect helper for forcing matrix was added to this website not a long time ago. Now same helper is available for you on AppStore as brand new app. You can now generate forcing matrixes offline witout internet access!

Not always online?

You can now (finally) get Summing Up on your iOS device.
The best part? It doesn't require internet connection to work!

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