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Current version

On May 17th 2015 Marc did his Penguin lecture which generated higher interest in this app.

As an appreciation to those emailing me thanks and those actually donating few bucks to keep this app up and runing I have decided to show you my love and give this app well deserved face lift. The algorithm is exactly the same as was in v 3.1, I just updated the visuals, made sure it plays nicely on smartphones. Hope you find this update useful. If you like the minimalistic old versions they are still accessible from the navigation menu.

Interested to know what version 3 (3.1) is about?

I wrote original program (version 1) quite quickly on 15.11.2010 as I needed the setup for my gig. It worked fine and it looked good.

Unfortunately, on 30.11.2010 Paul Roffman experienced unpleasant strange functionality outage. I revised the code and found out that logic behind it (driven by need to use only two spectators) was wrong for numbers with 3,4 or 5 as first digit. On the same day I have created Summing Up version 2.0 – with the code completely rewritten. Such a code is able to deal with any given number. Problem with that one is the results may not look as pretty and you may end up with numbers having many digits. That effectively means you either need to use that many spectators or ask some to give you another ‘random’ number (if you have only two on stage, then they can take turns).

But I still wasn’t happy with such solution. So I went back to my original thinking and did quite a lot of tests. If I am not wrong, you must use three spectators (ie have 4 digit numbers) if the result must be for instance 312. Unless you want to end up with loads of zeroes – result for 312 would be similar to 101,102, 109 (before pivoting) and that’s not good either.

So I have added another digit there (spectator) and voila, problem solved. Well, I know, it’s still not perfect as starting digit being 4 will always give you number 111 for the first line. Currently I have no idea how to get around this. I guess you can always use algorithm implemented in version 2.0. You can find it here.

One more thing - I know that sometimes, just sometimes, when you want a result to start with digit 3 or 4 and when you are unlucky, the program will crash due to a timeout. If that happens just try it again. You will eventually get results back. This could be fixed by increasing PHP timeout on the server, but since I don’t own the server, this is not an option.

And that’s about it for an explanation.

Please let me know if you find any bugs – I will try to fix it as soon as time allows.
(If you don't know my email address, you can contact me here)

Also, I would like to thank Mark for sharing this wonderful effect with us at his lecture and also for including a paragraph into his lecture notes about me and this program. I have created this just for my own pleasure, but since I thought others may find it useful, I have made it available for public. But Marc is suggesting that you should buy me a drink so I wanted to make it as easy for you as possible. Its free for you to use if you want it. Therefore you can find a donate button on this page for Paypal donations. No need to go to pub with me anymore! ;o)